Does your company need to strengthen its activities, focus, and relationships with industry analysts?

The team at Prompt has more than twenty years’ of experience in industry analyst consultancy and program execution. Our AR programs include specific activities to launch, structure, and maximize analyst relationships via:

  • Analyst mapping: Identify and tier relevant industry analysts
  • Analyst snapshot: Review current analyst visibility and activity, and make recommendations for future activities
  • Identify and target specific competitive reports such as Waves, Magic Quadrants, and Hype cycles, and to handle and manage subsmissions
  • Create and run an AR calendar: Secure and manage analyst briefings
  • Share specific company news with industry analysts, such as products, acquisitions, and partnerships
  • Create analyst newsletters
  • Manage and maximize analyst-specific budgets, specific marketing collaboration opportunities, and to gain insight or market validation through inquiries and consulting days

Want to talk about how analyst relations can help your company position, engagement with prospects, and impact your revenue?  Check out our upcoming workshops  or email us at [email protected]