Analyst Relations: Making the most of analyst inquiries

Sales Insight Team/ September 8, 2021

A meeting isn’t just a meeting in the AR world.  There are briefings, advisories, and inquiries – plus a whole slew of other meetings during the process behind competitive reports such as Forrester Waves and Gartner’s Magic Quadrants.   We’re going to be covering each of these meeting types, but today we’re covering inquires and how to make the most

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Sales Hacker: How To Audit Your Sales Process

Sales Insight Team/ May 12, 2017

Do you regularly audit your sales process? In this piece for Sales Hacker magazine, sales accelerator Hazel Butters shares her views on why every business should not just have a well-defined sales process but also needs to regularly revisit and review its sales process. Hazel shares actionable steps to audit your sales process so you can improve your sales process

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Innovation Nation (Boston): Bottom Line

Sales Insight Team/ April 20, 2017

In this edition of  ‘Innovation Nation’ interviews with startups, innovators and people who inspire us, we caught up with Jennifer Adler.  Jennifer is the Director of Marketing and Communications of Bottom Line and we asked her about why Boston is a great innovative community for startups and nonprofits organizations.  Tell us a bit about your organization: Bottom Line is a nonprofit organization that was

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How to ask for customer references

Sales Insight Team/ March 17, 2017

How do you ask for a customer reference? What channels do you use and what do you say? We have some ideas. Depending on the relationship, timing, nature of your business and how frequently you communicate with the indviduals, clients or customers you want to ask, you do need to think about which channel you use to ask them. Choices

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Boston: Wicked good innovation

Sales Insight Team/ March 10, 2017

Boston is a city of the old and the new. It encapsulates tradition alongside innovation, reflected in its rank by the Innovation that Matters committee as the #1 city in the nation for fostering entrepreneurial growth and innovation in 2016. What contributes to Boston’s ‘wicked good’ innovation community? Education – Boston is home to 35 colleges and universities, including some of the top institutions in

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References tip #3: Speak to your customers

Sales Insight Team/ March 6, 2017

Tip #3 – Get in contact with your customers  This is the third tip in our series about how to overcome ‘resistance’ to asking for customer references that you can use in your sales process (note: download our full worksheet with all the tips below). When it comes to business, problems frequently disguise opportunity. If you haven’t been in contact

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