Make your 2018 resolution to have smarter sales conversations

Hazel Butters/ January 6, 2018/ Sales/ 0 comments

You need a plan when it comes to sales conversations. If you want to bring in more sales revenue, you can have more sales conversations and that may generate more sales. But if you have smarter sales conversations, then you can really shift your sales results. How can you plan sales conversations? Where can you start? Here are some pointers on

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Enterprise startup sales in new markets: How, where and when to target

Hazel Butters/ December 19, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

I had dinner last week with a client’s vice president of sales and the company’s US sales manager. We met over a steak and a glass of wine and the conversation was one of my favorite subjects: how to plan and grow sales in new markets. Planning and sizing sales teams for growth in new markets and new territories can present

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Do you ASK for the sale (or just scatter breadcrumbs)?

Hazel Butters/ December 6, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Are you comfortable to ask for the sale? This is a common problem. You have an amazing product, service, skill or expertise to share with your prospects. You speaking with relevant prospects.  But do you then move the conversation to the point where you ask for the sale – or do you just leave breadcrumbs, and almost expect the prospect

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Sales Hacker: Closing enterprise sales

Hazel Butters/ October 24, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Recently I was a speaker at Sales Hacker 2017 where I presented alongside Adobe, Vidyard and Ericsson on: ‘How to Close an Enterprise Sale.’ There are many things that you can say about enterprise selling. It’s complex, with many moving parts, is a team sport, it demands understanding of different perspectives and motives, and requires a willingness to work with

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Crowdfunding: a very human approach

Hazel Butters/ October 10, 2017/ Crowdfunding/ 0 comments

Crowdfunding is a powerful tool. It unlocks opportunities, enables news products to reach interested buyers, solves problems, drives business models, and creates customers, supporters and fans. Crowdfunding is a very human way of doing business. As with crowdsourcing, the notion of sharing concepts to collect ideas or to solve a problem is a very human behavior. We all instinctively know that

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Crowdfunding: ‘Yay!’ and ‘Eek!’

Hazel Butters/ October 9, 2017/ Crowdfunding/ 0 comments

Rewards-based crowdfunding ( think Kickstarter or Indiegogo) offers a fresh avenue for raising funds and gaining visibility. As with any first step on a path with so much potential, there are plenty of things to be excited about, but also things that may scare you a little. Here’s a short summary of some of the ups and downs, or the YAYs!

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