OUTBOUND SALES WORKSHOP: How to bring more money into your business using your phone 

Next one-day outbound sales workshop will be held in Boston, MA on Thursday, November 7, 2019

A one-day intensive sales workshop for entrepreneurs, consultants, business owners and business development teams

Hosted by Prompt Inc. this is an intensive sales workshop on how to use the phone to bring more money into your business. It's more than a day of sales teaching: this is a hands-on action-led workshop to increase your confidence in using the phone in sales. We will guide you, share ideas and work with you so you CREATE scripts and conversation points that work for you, IDENTIFY prospects to have sales conversations with, PLAN specific actions for yourself, then PICK UP THE PHONE and test your scripts. 

Note: This workshop is about LEARNING AND DOING. Join us and to: DRAFT - PLAN - CALL

DRAFT: We will work together to create scripts, conversation starters, call openers, questions and topics you want to include on your sales calls, as well we how to handle pushbacks and objections

PLAN: You will spend time reviewing your ideal customer, researching potential prospects and creating a call list and an action plan for your business 

PICK UP THE PHONE: A key part of the workshop is getting used to picking up the phone. In the workshop you will do just that: you will make outbound calls, and try out your scripts in a supportive environment

Want to make more sales? Make the decision to join us now and get the early-bird rate 

Early-bird pricing: $197 


Workshop Trainer: Hazel Butters 

Hazel is an outbound sales coach who helps entrepreneurs, startups and business development teams to be comfortable with outbound sales, gain confidence in conversations and to pick up the phone.

More than 800 entrepreneurs have been through Hazel's 'Pick Up The Phone' workshops, and her 'Increase Your Sales in 73 Days' events are regularly hosted in London, Boston, Austin, Chicago and New York.

Hazel grew her first seven-figure business using the phone and the telephone directory. Over 19 years she has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and startups alongside Fortune 1000 technology companies including Adobe, BMC, CA, Dell, IBM, Oracle, and Siemens.

She has spoken at events in the USA and Europe including the Sales Hacker conference, Kaspersky’s CyberStarts Conference and academic institutions such as MIT and Tufts University.


WHERE: WeWork 77 Sleeper Street, Seaport, Boston MA 02210 WHEN: 9am-4.30pm, Thursday, October 7th