Boston startups, May the fourth (and may the sales) be with you

Hazel Butters/ April 25, 2017/ Boston, Events/ 0 comments

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

This is one of the most-recognized Star Wars franchise quotes for a reason. It’s powerful, simple — and comes from the small, leathery-skinned Jedi Master Yoda.

We also feel it’s a quote that reflects what we think when it comes to sales. If you want to generate more revenue into your business, then wishing it was so, or spending your time distracted by non-revenue-generating activities isn’t doing anything. You may think you’re trying, but it’s not direct effort that is actually moving the needle. You’re not actually having conversations and asking for the sale.

On May 4th (as in “May the Fourth” — geddit? Say it out loud) we’re holding an intensive learn-and-implement workshop just outside Boston at CIC Cambridge in, yes, the Cloud City conference room. And yes, the Star Wars analogies will be flowing like, well, like The Force through a well-trained Jedi.

The idea behind the workshop structure of learnand-implement is that start-up team members who join us will get to not only hear about ideas, best practices, scripts and content to increase sales. We will be working on implementation and getting things written, started and in place during the day. So all attendees will finish the day not just having learned things to push revenue into their business, but will have feel the accomplishment of actually having set the wheels in motion.

Topics covered include:

–          Sales habits you can start and develop to drive revenue into your business

–          How to reach prospects that have money and want to work with you

–          How to identify events to help you sell

–          How to use the phone in sales: scripts, ideas and how to have conversations

Want to join us? Spaces are limited so we can allow ample time to fine-tune scripts, ideas and content for each attendee. Secure your space here.

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