Do you ASK for the sale (or just scatter breadcrumbs)?

Ask For The Sale

Are you comfortable to ask for the sale?

This is a common problem. You have an amazing product, service, skill or expertise to share with your prospects. You speaking with relevant prospects.  But do you then move the conversation to the point where you ask for the sale – or do you just leave breadcrumbs, and almost expect the prospect to suggest or understand that they should work with you?

As a business owner or entrepreneur you must ask for the sale. You need to engage with relevant prospects and to have conversations where you deliberately and clearly ask people to work with you.  Just leaving a trail of breadcrumbs and expecting people to simply offer to work with you. You have to have a dialogue, to understand and guide your  prospect and then to ask them if they’re ready to commit to working with you. But all too often entrepreneurs and small business owners stop short.

Some of my thoughts on asking and leaving breadcrumbs in this quick video:

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