To demo, or not to demo, that is the sales question

Hazel Butters/ July 5, 2017/ Sales, Technology/ 0 comments

  When working on sales mapping with technology businesses, we frequently find a common ‘slow point’ within the sales process: the sales demo. If you sell a technical product, you need to give the prospect an initial “glimpse under the hood” but you don’t want to make it so self-serving that even getting prospects to agree and engage becomes a sales bottleneck.

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Technology: TLAs & Abbrs, FWIW

Hazel Butters/ February 21, 2017/ Technology/ 0 comments

A quick word about acronyms and abbreviations. As a team committed to helping entrepreneurs, startups and corporations to adore the sales process, we work with a range of technology companies [editor’s sidenote: acronyms and abbreviations are be no means exclusive to the technology realm].  One of the toughest but most important skills in communicating the benefits technology is the ability

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Technology innovation, DEC and dinosaurs

Hazel Butters/ February 15, 2017/ Sales, Technology/ 0 comments

“It’s hard to accept dinosaurs as a success when they are all dead” – Robert T Bakker, The Dinosaur Heresies If I stray away from technology I can never stay away for very long.  There’s a multitude of technology companies that enthuse me day-to-day, but Digital Equipment Corporation was my original inspiration. Digital Equipment Corporation, or DEC, was the first

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