Competitive Intelligence: Need battlecards?

Hazel Butters/ October 14, 2021/ Competitive Intelligence, Sales

This is a quote from a CMO at one of our B2B technology clients. We worked with their marketing and sales teams to create a series of at-a-glance sales battlecards covering their key competitors.

Because the challenge with competitive intelligence isn’t the lack of information, it’s that there’s so much of it that it becomes impractical for sales to find and use it.

Which is our typical sales battlecard is two pages. Yes, even for complex technologies, with complex sales processes, and all the nuances of B2B tech.

They need to be two pages, so they genuinely are at-a-glance reference documents –  because sales don’t always have time to sift through a 400-page document, or to look at online portals which have thousands of points.

If you are thinking about new ways to present, collect, or share competitive information with your sales team, we’d love to show you how we work and what we produce.  Simply email us at and let’s talk battlecards.
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