Want more enterprise technology sales? Document your sales process

Hazel Butters/ February 1, 2018/ Sales, Sales mapping/ 0 comments

    On a basic level sales is simple: identify a problem you solve, find people with that problem (and money), work with them and solve their problem, collect payment. Simple eh?

    In the real world this journey is less simple. Especially if you sell a complex B2B product, such as technology.

    When selling enterprise technology you need to sell business impact while minimizing risk, positioning against incumbents and competitors, engaging with a range of decision makers. And that’s just a few challenges.

    To add to this if you’re a startup you may have a team that doesn’t see themselves as “in sales.” If you’re a larger technology vendor you face the problems of teams scattered across continents and the need to create leads for a hungry sales team.

    That’s why we create sales playbooks for technology-based businesses. We have a set process to capture and share best practices at each stage of the sales cycle and create playbooks that help technology vendors to create consistent and repeatable best sales practices.

    We do this for technology startups, software businesses and other corporates selling complex products and services.
    This means they can:
    Document sales process
    – Understand the best practices that work well in sales
    – Document those best practices
    – Repeat what’s working
    – Easily share them with marketing, business development, internal sales, sales teams
    – Shorten their sales cycle
    – Simplify the sales process – and sell more

    If you’re interested in finding out our process, results and seeing some of our playbook structures, then click here and book a complimentary sales mapping discovery session.

    Remember the first rule of business is to stay in business – which is why sales is essential.

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