Upcoming workshops and training

Competitive Intelligence for B2B Tech Vendors – London, 22 February 

Holborn, London – Friday, February 22. More details and registration. 

A one-day practical workshop on how to gather, analyse and apply competitive intelligenceLondon Competitive Intelligence workshop
(CI) for companies in innovative, technology-driven markets including software, IT and web services – with content that covers the competitive speed, nuances and breadth typical of these markets.

During this intensive one-day workshop we will share insights, ideas, worksheets, resources and practical methods to launch, boost or fine-tune a competitive intelligence function. You will learn how to identify CI sources, collect and process data, and systematically distill information to gain competitive advantage.




How to Sell B2B Technology to Corporates

An intensive onHow to sell technology to corporatese-day B2B technology sales workshop in Cambridge, MA on Thursday, April 4 in Cambridge, MA