Why you need to have more sales conversations

Hazel Butters/ April 5, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Picture your telephone.

There’s someone at the other end of the line may be wrangling with the exact problem your company solves, they may have budget available now and even struggling to decide which vendors to potentially work with.  They are looking to gain insight, understand what’s possible and to have conversations.

More specifically, they need to have a conversation with you.

So why aren’t you speaking to more prospects like this?  In many cases it’s because there’s not enough perseverance when it comes to the phone. Ask yourself – if you’re not exceeding your sales numbers, why don’t you or your team pick up the phone more often?

If you don’t pick up the phone you’re never going to speak with that decision maker. You never start a conversation with them. Get to understand their perspective and you’ll never get to work with them.

The phone is a powerful way to connect and engage with prospects. It’s a shame to overlook it because of lack of time, lack of inclination or lack of commitment.

In our upcoming online training for technology vendors we share:

–       How to plan and prepare for phone conversations with technology prospects

–       What to say at the opening of sales conversations

–       How to handle objections and pushbacks from technology buyers

–       The best language to use to engage technology prospects on the phone

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