Want to increase sales in 2017? – Focus.

Hazel Butters/ January 9, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Looking to increase your sales and business in 2017? Then we have one word for you:


We work with entrepreneurs and sales teams that have lost their sales mojo (or perhaps never really found it in the first place).

Focus is key here. Because when you don’t have solid revenue coming in, it can be easy to lose your focus, then to cling onto anything – to be distracted, to take work and money that isn’t in line with your overall vision, and to distract yourself and your team.  If you’re an entrepreneur or a member of a founding team, you may also doubt yourself at this point.

Instead you need to focus – to get very clear on a few things as a starting point – and from these first decisions you will find there’s a natural flow.

Areas to focus on to increase your sales:

  • Why? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why does your company exist? – In short, what is your vision and mission
  • Who you want to work with. You can’t be too clear on this – and the more specific, the better (which we know can seem counter-intuitive)
  • The challenges these people face and the opportunities open to them – also think about how these problems and the opportunities present themselves
  • How you can help them and the results you can deliver

But it all starts with the ‘why’ and the ‘who’. When you aren’t clear on the ‘who’ then it’s not just confusing to potential audiences and contacts, it also confuses you and anyone else working in your business. As a result, you will feel torn and activities become almost swirling in nature – as there isn’t a logical, linear path to connect with a target audience.

What too many startups worry about is the ‘how’ – in many cases when we help resolve sales challenges, the core problem is a lack of clarity over the why and the who.

If you want to shift this and get really clear on who you work with, then join one of our in-person or online workshops: visit our events page to see where we will be next

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