Sales, stress and time: You don’t milk cows

Hazel Butters/ February 17, 2018/ Sales

Are you an entrepreneur? Is your mind busy? Are you worried about what to work on next? Spending too much time working? Or not spending enough time working on the right things and feel like you are constantly working without results? Or maybe you’re so overwhelmed by what you want your business to be compared to where it is now that you want to just spend your time drinking tea and watching Netflix.

The problem is that you don’t milk cows.

Think about it.

If you milked cows*, you would go to the field, get the cows into the milking shed, milk the cows, let them out, leave the dairy and then head home.

If you were milking cows, you wouldn’t take your cows home with you. You’re not going to half-milk the cows. You won’t find yourself apologizing to family or friends at the dinner table as you wrestle with teat cups on a Jersey cow while everyone else is trying to tell you about their day. You’re not going to lie in bed at 3 a.m. thinking, “Hang on, did I milk all the cows?”sales and milking cows

Nowadays, many of us have the problem that work is always accessible. You can always check your phone, look at your email, read updates. The things most of us work in now, in the ‘knowledge economy,’don’t have clearly set ‘start’ or ‘finish times and so don’t have set boundaries. As a result we don’t feel we have finished work or sometimes even know where to start.

This sense of panic over what to do first can be even greater for entrepreneurs or business owners. Because there’s no one to tell you exactly what you need to do, you can feel overwhelmed in wanting so much and feeling that you don’t know what to do first. Your brain can’t seem to calm down, things get out of balance, so if you try something and then fail, it feels like a kick in the teeth from which you can’t recover.

Working in a set, strategic way, including time blocks and sprints, brings peace of mind. I think this is important for everyone, but I know it can be an essential lifeline to entrepreneurs or anyone who needs to dedicate time to an important activity — oooh, let’s take sales as my favorite example.

If you need to sell, you need to spend time on sales. If you don’t know how to focus your time and bring your mind in from reeling, wandering off, distracting you or thinking destructive thoughts, or don’t know how to stop spending a day looking at emails, fine-tuning text, editing images or mulling over social media, you need to learn. These things take time, but do not bring in cash.

You need to stop because it’s not just ruining your business, it’s probably making you feel lousy. It’s also adding to the feeling of needing to get things done, so you’re probably working longer hours than you need to — (and are apologizing to friends and family at the dinner table as you wrestle with email or your laptop).

Having cash in your business allows you to calm down. To delegate work. To stop doing things you don’t want to do anymore. The catch? You need to sell.

Want to calm your mind, get focused and bring in more sales for your business? Then join me for our next free live webinar: ‘You’re Not Milking Cows: How to Manage Your Time and Create More Sales as an Entrepreneur’.”

The most amazing thing about being an entrepreneur? You are in charge of your own destiny.

The best thing about sales? You need more money, then it’s there.

The combination of these two opportunities (being an entrepreneur and sales) delights me. So if you’re an entrepreneur and want more sales, please join me for this online workshop.

*Note: If you’re a dairy farmer and reading this, then I’d like add that I am not for a second suggesting that dairy farming isn’t stressful, arduous work because I know it is (I’m from a village in Wales) and I think dairy farmers need support and have a heap to worry about in terms of cost of vets, equipment; the price of milk; and trade agreements – just to name a few things. 

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