Phone conversation and phone sales training workshops

Do you need to:

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Generate a higher proportion of outbound leads
  • Have more sales conversations
  • Schedule more first-stage sales appointments
  • Increase results from email, events and other lead generation activities
  • Have more ‘hunt’-based sales activities to win named accounts
  • Ensure your early-stage sales team are on-message
  • Encourage your team, BDMs or inside sales teams to pick up the phone and call prospects?

Our DRAFT & DRILL sales training is an intensive sales training course on how to use the phone in sales. It includes assessments, the creation of an early-stage sales playbook, a sales training session and a separate hands-on, real-world session for your team to pick up the phone and speak with target prospects.

If you want to increase your outbound sales efforts, and the confidence, frequency and effectiveness of your outbound sales calls, get in touch.

What our clients say:

Hazel takes a direct, no nonsense approach to improving your sales efforts. She works to move you out of your comfort zone into sales behavior that is productive and measurable. Hazel is the right person to help you take a critical look at your sales processes, and move to higher ground.” – Ed C, CEO and entrepreneur

Outbound sales training

What’s included in the training:

  • Draft: We will work with you to create an
    early-stage sales playbook with scripts conversation triggers anecdotes and statistics relevant to your audience for outbound your team to use on early stage calls. We will also work with you to calculate the volume of outbound calls and targets your team should fulfill
  • Drill – Part 1: We will deliver a day of intensive on-site phone sales training, including assessments. The training includes:
    1. How to get comfortable on the phone and handle early-stage sales conversations
    2. Tactics to handle gate keepers, reach decision makers and start strong sales conversations
    3. How team members can best introduce themselves, talk about your business and why they are calling with a manner and words that are compelling and confident
    4. How to handle voicemails, when to leave voicemails and what to say
    5. Content available in the created company sales playbook including scripts, anecdotes, facts and statistics your team can use on the phone
  • Drill – Part 2. Your team calls real-world prospects and applying what was learned:
    1. An instructor-led calling session
    2. Your team will apply the tactics and strategies taught and call your prospects
    3. Opportunities to ask questions
    4. Review and updates to the early-stage playbook