Make the world your oyster: Change your view of outbound sales

Hazel Butters/ August 24, 2019/ Sales/ 0 comments

There are lots of negative stereotypes around sales.

These stereotypes — portraying the practice of sales as a manipulating activity — are prevalent, and can be deep-rooted. It’s why many entrepreneurs see sales in the an unfortunate light. The result? They don’t practice consistent outbound sales activities.

If you want your business to grow, you need to shift your thoughts on sales. This will allow you to take deliberate, consistent action in your outbound sales. 

Sales does not mean you are pestering, doing something to someone, nagging them for money. In its best form, sales is about doing something for someone.  In our sales training and sales coaching programs we see the transformation in entrepreneurs when they see sales in a positive light and start to take deliberate, consistent action.

Because at its heart, selling is about helping people and finding solutions. Revenue comes as as result of this authentic exchange and delivering true value to prospects.

This value delivery is key – and why proper prospecting to speak with people you can truly help is important. You must take the time to learn about your ideal prospect.  This will allow you to be confident in your ability to serve them as a customer and to communicate the opportunity and transformation possible to them. When this happens your sales conversations come from a place of strength and a place of service. When all these pieces are in place, it’s empowering to a business owner and to sell. It’s genuine. There are no tricks, double standards, bait-and-switch, or anything else to feel uneasy about, because it’s an honest solution to a real pain point.

Sales is about building solutions. Once the concept of sales is re-framed in your mind and you are happy to have lots of sales conversations and to enthusiastically tell prospects how you could help them and excitedly share the transformation you deliver – the world is your oyster.

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