Prompt’s two-second sales quiz: Do you need to increase sales?

Hazel Butters/ April 27, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Do you need to increase sales? A quick sales momentum multiple-choice quiz for startups.

Q: How many sales have you made in April?

A – LOADS. You’ve been busy prioritizing money-making activities: calling prospects, asking for sales – and getting them. You know that you’re on fire sales-wise and you have a healthy pipeline with a repeatable sales process.

B – SOME. It’s not been an awful month and you’ve made some new sales. You feel a little worried about May, and you have hope that sales are good for right now.

C – JUST ENOUGH. You made enough sales to scrape through but the sales you have made are through sheer luck or your prospects’ timing – and not because of sustained, planned and intentional sales on your part.

D- BARELY ENOUGH.  What? It’s the end of the month? You kind of scraped through April but are worried about what you can close in the next week and in May. You’re trying not to panic by basically not thinking about it.

E – EURGH /ARGHHHHHH. You are genuinely worried about money and seem to be spending all your time trying to do everything you can to make things work. You have a sense of panic and dread.

If you answered anything other than ‘A’, let’s just take a moment and think how this could be different. 

Imagine if you not only spent time to increase sales but you did so consistently – transforming your business, getting money in, working with great customers who paid you well – and you are able to spend money – on yourself, your business and growing your team.

Sales is the ultimate way to transform your business.

If you are stuck on how to address sales and want to shift your results, we’d love to share some ideas with you. If you’re in the Boston area, join us for our upcoming one-day intensive where Hazel Butters will be sharing advice, tools, techniques – and help you implement. Or check out other events we have coming up.

It may not feel like it right now but it’s possible to have a very different month and quarter. It’s all within your reach – as long as you move into action.

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