It’s hard to define sales enablement because it changes– depending on the market, your sales team, your product, and the maturity of your product, market, and business. In general, it’s an umbrella term used to describe processes, tools, and resources to help a sales team to sell and be as productive as possible.

You’re not simply going to roll out a ‘sales enablement piece’ and stand back – it needs to be timely, relevant, and to support your sales team. And it needs to be concise – because with sales enablement, the challenge is delivering tools that are usable, intuitive, and deliver insight at-a-glance to busy salespeople.

A large portion of our work with B2B technology vendors in sales enablement is around competitive intelligence.  Because when you’re selling B2B technology, your technology, position, ability to deliver, and track record will always be compared to those of others. We create sales battlecards, sales objection training, and CI cheat sheets.

We also work with B2B tech teams on outbound sales training for SDRs – a group that is frequently under-valued and under-trained. 

Other sales enablement tools we create for clients include sales-orientated case studies, industry insights reports, and win/loss analyses.

These tools, combined with our experience working with hundreds of software companies and B2B technology teams, enable us to help our clients’ sales teams communicate their differentiators, innovations, and strategic intent views to the marketplace. 

We work with Product Marketers, Product Management, GTM teams, and Corporate Communications groups to support their sales teams through timely, transparent, relevant, and compelling content.

Our differentiator?  Delivering value, working to tight deadlines (this is the technology market, people), and creating tools with a framework and methodology to ensure they provide value to sales.

So, what’s next?  Once you have the sales enablement tools you need, it’s time to think about Analyst Relations.

Turn Up The Sales Volume

“We worked with Prompt on a range of sales enablement initiatives. Prompt’s engagement style & professionalism, deliverables and impact it made to our field sales team were immeasurable. The assets we now have in place, built by Prompt, are now the standard of output we will take forward into the business.”

– Colin Campbell, Global Head of Marketing, SAI Global

Colin Campbell