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Hazel Butters/ October 24, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Recently I was a speaker at Sales Hacker 2017 where I presented alongside Adobe, Vidyard and Ericsson on: ‘How to Close an Enterprise Sale.’

There are many things that you can say about enterprise selling. It’s complex, with many moving parts, is a team sport, it demands understanding of different perspectives and motives, and requires a willingness to work with (and understand) a range of decision makers, influencers and users.

Areas we discussed on the Sales Hacker stage included:

Closing Enterprise Sales

  • Starting out: How to find enterprise prospects
  • Getting in front of relevant enterprise buyers
  • The need to be different, to break through the noise
  • How to map out prospect accounts
  • The need to discern different decision makers and to understand how they feel about you, your team and your solution
  • Bringing the sale to logical steps that work toward a close
  • Co-creating a sales plan with your prospects, so that responsibility for actions needed to bring the sales to a close are shared

What’s key about all of this is to remember that it’s your sales process.

How do you own a sales process? First, you need to be aware of what your sales process is, and what your ideal sales process would look like – then you need to take control of it, and to steer the prospect.

Sometimes I hear excuses in enterprise sales, such as: “But it’s too complex, there’s too many nuances in an enterprise sale to even map the process out.” That’s not true — in fact, mapping out your ideal sales process and being able to guide your prospect is essential in complex enterprise sales.  In fact, the more complex the sale, the greater the need for a well-defined sales process.

Want to now how to approach and map out your an enterprise sales process? Then check out our intensive one-day workshops ‘Mapping Out and Simplifying Enterprise Sales’ which we are hosting in various cities in Europe and the USA.

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