How is your sales mindset?

Hazel Butters/ May 19, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Are you an entrepreneur? What do you honestly think of sales? Do you have a positive sales mindset?

Sometimes entrepreneurs put the skill of sales on too high of a pedestal and their sales mindset gets a bit fuzzy – they overthink it, and get frozen by a combination of fear, indecision and overwhelm. When this happens, I’ve seen entrepreneurs – who have the capability to sell, the need to generate revenue and products, services or skills ready to sell – get freaked out, and think of sales as something that is so insurmountable that they don’t even know where to start when it comes to sales.

The truth is that sales is much more innate and genuine to human beings than many people realize, which is a good thing. Sales is essentially the ability to serve someone with something of value and is an exchange of value. You provide the product, service or skill and you are paid in return.  You are there to help someone else at the time they need it, and there is value in that: to be of service. To me, that is the crux of sales – being of service. It’s just that basic, that fundamental.

Have you ever encouraged anyone to do anything, gone out on a date, asked someone for a favor? It’s all sales.

This is about where you come from and to get clear on your sales mindset. It’s important to remember that sales is not manipulation, hounding someone or trying to sell someone something they don’t need. It’s being clear on the problem you solve or the opportunity you can help people to fulfill; knowing who you can help and then speaking to people.

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