You, sales and the telephone

Hazel Butters/ April 28, 2017/ Sales, Using the phone to sell/ 0 comments

Looking to increase sales into your business? Why don’t you pick up the phone?

When I work with entrepreneurs I hear “but I don’t like the phone” or “I don’t know what to say.” In short, many people avoid the phone.

We’re going to be running a free three-part online training in May on how to use the phone to sell. If you’re stuck on picking up the phone (or it fills you with a sense of dread) then sign up now and join me. In the free three-part course I’ll share how to start conversations (and get over the initial phone fear), how to stay in control of a phone conversation, and how to wrap up and follow-up a sales call.

Sign up for the training – which starts on May 25 – here:

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