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Hazel Butters/ September 2, 2019/ Sales/ 0 comments

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, this scenario may be familiar: you work long days, perhaps 8, 10 or 12+ hour-days, with a never-ending to-do list. You spin so many plates it can feel relentless, and yet at the end of the month or quarter you find yourself in need of more sales and to increase sales.

When we’re working with entrepreneurs and teams that want to increase sales, we typically start with two things (1) time management (2) increasing outbound sales activities and picking up the phone [we’ll cover this second topic in our next post].

Time management is important because you need to dedicate time to increase sales and you need to speak with your prospects. Changing your day-to-day habits to create dedicated sales time changes the fundamentals of your business – it brings in sales momentum, more conversations and eventually more revenue.  More revenue means you can delegate more, outsource more – and worry less.

One pushback we frequently hear from busy entrepreneurs is: “but I’m spending all this time on sales.”  But on closer inspection, many of these so-called ‘sales’ activities aren’t directly related to bringing revenue in.

What does ‘sales time’ look like to you?

When we talk about sales time, we mean activities such as: following up with prospects; contacting cold prospects;   talking to prospective companies;  getting back in contact with past customers to see what other projects you could help with; asking people for recommendations, referrals or introductions; and having sales conversations.

This means you can’t spend time writing blogs, lining up social media, attending networking events and then sit back and relax because you feel you’ve ‘worked on sales’ – because if you haven’t been having sales conversations, then you haven’t been moving the sales needle.

The proof of the unmoved sales needle will turn up weeks, months, or quarters later when you find that you don’t have enough sales revenue coming in. Your sales revenue is impacted because you weren’t building up your pipeline consistently, and you weren’t building up your pipeline consistently because you weren’t spending day-to-day activities on sales.

In our 100 Sales Conversations Challenge we set entrepreneurs and business owners the task to speak with 100 prospects within an 30-day period.  We guide, support, and keep them accountable to reach this goal. This includes sharing ways to structure sales conversations, how to define target prospects and find their contact details, and supporting them as they start and maintain sales momentum – and create new sales habits.

We also help shift how entrepreneurs think about the telephone –  a tool that is incredibly cost-effective and time-effective when it comes to sales – yet one that too many people shy away from.  Even though it can be the fastest path to much-needed sales.

If you’d like to take some action, sign up for the 100 Sales Conversation Challenge, you can sign up for the next cohort here.

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