Scared to look at your sales?

Hazel Butters/ March 8, 2017/ Sales

As someone who helps entrepreneurs to identify, apply and adore their sales process (and helps entrepreneurs to overcome their fear of, or inertia to, sales), I have a question:

It’s March, and we’re coming to the end of the first quarter.  How are your sales numbers looking?

Let’s consider some sales math you need to avoid. Especially if sales is a challenge or you’re scared of your numbers.

If  current revenue from sales for Q1 = money worries then simply doing what you’re doing now isn’t going to cut it.

In fact, if you want to avoid this revenue formula Q1 = Q2 = more money worries

Then you need to stop using this formula:

(0 sales calls + 0 pipeline) x overwhelm = 0 money + (stress x10) 

And start using this one:

Ideas + resources + process + accountability = sales revenue + peace of mind

Stuck and unsure where to start to change your Q2 sales figures and scared of sales?  Want access to real-world ideas and resources to identify prospects, set up sales calls, have comfortable sales conversations – and to use the phone, email and events to sell?  There’s still time to join up for our next 90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge so you can focus on sales.

Because if you’re scared of your sales math, then it’s time to change your sales formula.



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