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Want more enterprise technology sales? Document your sales process

Hazel Butters/ February 1, 2018/ Sales, Sales mapping/ 0 comments

On a basic level sales is simple: identify a problem you solve, find people with that problem (and money), work with them and solve their problem, collect payment. Simple eh? In the real world this journey is less simple. Especially if you sell a complex B2B product, such as technology. When selling enterprise technology you need to sell business impact

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Enterprise startup sales in new markets: How, where and when to target

Hazel Butters/ December 19, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

I had dinner last week with a client’s vice president of sales and the company’s US sales manager. We met over a steak and a glass of wine and the conversation was one of my favorite subjects: how to plan and grow sales in new markets. Planning and sizing sales teams for growth in new markets and new territories can present

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Using the phone in B2B sales

Hazel Butters/ April 10, 2017/ Sales, Using the phone to sell/ 0 comments

Be honest: are you resistant to using the phone in B2B sales? I had an interesting meeting with an entrepreneur whose business sells to large corporations. The founder told me they needed more sales but: “we can’t use the phone in sales.” Most people who know me, personally and professionally, know that I love the phone. So, I’m intrigued to

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