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Sales time: Want to increase sales? Add sales to your schedule

Hazel Butters/ September 2, 2019/ Sales/ 0 comments

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, this scenario may be familiar: you work long days, perhaps 8, 10 or 12+ hour-days, with a never-ending to-do list. You spin so many plates it can feel relentless, and yet at the end of the month or quarter you find yourself in need of more sales and to increase sales. When we’re

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Quick message from a red phone box booth… (pick up the phone)

Hazel Butters/ December 14, 2018/ Sales, Using the phone to sell/ 0 comments

Looking for more sales into your business? You need to overcome resistance, fear and avoidance of the telephone – not sure where to start? How to find decision makers? What to say to gatekeepers? How to navigate comments such as “just send us an email”? Not sure if you should leave voicemails? What to say to a decision maker? Join

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To demo, or not to demo, that is the sales question

Hazel Butters/ July 5, 2017/ Sales, Technology/ 0 comments

  When working on sales mapping with technology businesses, we frequently find a common ‘slow point’ within the sales process: the sales demo. If you sell a technical product, you need to give the prospect an initial “glimpse under the hood” but you don’t want to make it so self-serving that even getting prospects to agree and engage becomes a sales bottleneck.

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Prompt’s two-second sales quiz: Do you need to increase sales?

Hazel Butters/ April 27, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Do you need to increase sales? A quick sales momentum multiple-choice quiz for startups. Q: How many sales have you made in April? A – LOADS. You’ve been busy prioritizing money-making activities: calling prospects, asking for sales – and getting them. You know that you’re on fire sales-wise and you have a healthy pipeline with a repeatable sales process. B – SOME. It’s not

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Your vision (and why it’s important to your sales)

Hazel Butters/ March 2, 2017/ Sales/ 1 comments

If you’re a founder, why did you create your business? What was your “a-ha” moment, or did you have a vision statement, “I want to create that,” “I want to change that,” or “I want to do that in a new way?” The “why” is important because it’s the motivation behind and future direction of your business. It’s the fuel.

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Want to increase sales in 2017? – Focus.

Hazel Butters/ January 9, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Looking to increase your sales and business in 2017? Then we have one word for you: FOCUS. We work with entrepreneurs and sales teams that have lost their sales mojo (or perhaps never really found it in the first place). Focus is key here. Because when you don’t have solid revenue coming in, it can be easy to lose your focus, then

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