Analyst Relations: Where to start if you’re a startup

Hazel Butters/ September 24, 2021

If you’re a technology company, it’s hard to ignore industry analysts. Analysts watch the market, write about it, advise prospects on solutions to include in shortlists, and guide large companies as they evaluate technologies. Building relationships and visibility with analysts has additional challenges for startups, as they lack the AR budgets, headcount,  resources, turnover, and the namecheck recognition of larger,

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Analyst Relations: Making the most of analyst inquiries

Sales Insight Team/ September 8, 2021

A meeting isn’t just a meeting in the AR world.  There are briefings, advisories, and inquiries – plus a whole slew of other meetings during the process behind competitive reports such as Forrester Waves and Gartner’s Magic Quadrants.   We’re going to be covering each of these meeting types, but today we’re covering inquires and how to make the most

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Get your Analyst Relations ducks in a row

Hazel Butters/ June 11, 2021

If you’re a technology vendor that’s about to embark on, or plan to update, your Analyst Relations program, check out our free checklist to ensure you have your ducks in a row.    Here are some of the highlights: (Drop us an email us for the whole checklist)   An AR calendar. Analyst Relations can feel like a fire hose, with

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Lack of transparency is damaging your Analyst Relations program

Hazel Butters/ May 27, 2021

Do you have an Analyst Relations program to engage with industry analysts? Industry analysts, such as Gartner, Forrester, 451 Research and dozens of other firms, are influencers that can’t be overlooked by B2B technology companies. They play a key role to help end users – who could be spending tens, thousands, or millions of dollars – to navigate complex solutions, evaluate

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