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Owning what you do (and saying it)

Hazel Butters/ April 4, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

“I hate sales.” It sounds like a surly protest you’d hear from a five-year-old. Yet it’s a surprisingly common statement we hear from technology entrepreneurs and even technology executives. When we speak to companies that want to bring more revenue into their business, we start with questions about how much time they spend on sales. And by sales we mean sales —

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Developing sales habits

Hazel Butters/ March 31, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

It seems there isn’t enough time to do, well, anything these days. A common, typical dilemma of our everyday modern world — too few hours in the day. Add into the mix work you don’t like to do, the anxiety of or low confidence in the things you are doing, and avoidance suddenly looks like the obvious choice. I’m talking

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How to ask for customer references

Sales Insight Team/ March 17, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

How do you ask for a customer reference? What channels do you use and what do you say? We have some ideas. Depending on the relationship, timing, nature of your business and how frequently you communicate with the indviduals, clients or customers you want to ask, you do need to think about which channel you use to ask them. Choices

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Vision: Do you leap out of bed?

Hazel Butters/ February 13, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Do you leap out of bed in the morning? Are you excited about what your business is achieving and your place in making it happen? If you don’t, you may need to think about your WHY and get clear on your vision. Having a clear visionand being ready to articulate it is essential to business strategy and a key to

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A squirrel on Red Bull trapped in a trash can…

Hazel Butters/ February 10, 2017/ Sales/ 0 comments

Last week on one of our 90-Day Brilliant Sales Challenge coaching calls, we covered the ‘why, who, where, when, how and what of sales.’  This was to help technology entrepreneurs, founders and small business owners to start thinking about the breadth of sales activities. It also highlights a core problem: companies over-complicate their own sales. It can be easy to complicate sales. There’s

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