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Your B2B sales process and the need for a sales methodology

Hazel Butters/ July 5, 2021

One of my favorite topics to speak and write about is the sales process (and why you need to audit it – here’s an article I wrote for Sales Hacker), and sales methodologies. First, let’s get clear on the difference between the sales process and a sales methodology.   The sales process is the flow and steps your ideal prospect would take

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Want more enterprise technology sales? Document your sales process

Hazel Butters/ February 1, 2018

On a basic level sales is simple: identify a problem you solve, find people with that problem (and money), work with them and solve their problem, collect payment. Simple eh? In the real world this journey is less simple. Especially if you sell a complex B2B product, such as technology. When selling enterprise technology you need to sell business impact

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Sales Hacker: Closing enterprise sales

Hazel Butters/ October 24, 2017

Recently I was a speaker at Sales Hacker 2017 where I presented alongside Adobe, Vidyard and Ericsson on: ‘How to Close an Enterprise Sale.’ There are many things that you can say about enterprise selling. It’s complex, with many moving parts, is a team sport, it demands understanding of different perspectives and motives, and requires a willingness to work with

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To demo, or not to demo, that is the sales question

Hazel Butters/ July 5, 2017

  When working on sales mapping with technology businesses, we frequently find a common ‘slow point’ within the sales process: the sales demo. If you sell a technical product, you need to give the prospect an initial “glimpse under the hood” but you don’t want to make it so self-serving that even getting prospects to agree and engage becomes a sales bottleneck.

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