Half-Day Industry Analyst Workshop

Engaging with Industry Analysts: A Hands-On One-Day Workshop for Software and Technology Startups

Friday, September 22 | 9.30am-4pm ET | WeWork Charging Bull

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If you’re a software company that is selling B2B solutions, it’s important that the industry analysts – Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and – depending on your market, up to another ten or so industry analyst groups – know that your company exists, what it does, and what differentiates it.  ‘

Why? Because industry analysts are involved in two-thirds of enterprise sales. They consult, advise, recommend, and in a number of cases are directly involved in RFPs.

Yes, there’s a challenge – if you’re a startup or early-stage venture, chances are you don’t have the budgets at the disposal of larger software vendors.

The good news? Industry analysts want to know you exist, and you can gain visibility

If you’d like to have better industry analyst relationships, visibility, and results then join us for this half-day practical workshop on how to develop, plan, and run an industry analyst relations (AR) program.

This hands-on workshop is for B2B marketers that want their organizations to increase focus and results with industry analysts. It will highlight how to structure and run an AR program, including ways to build collaborative relationships with these key influencers, gain awareness, and create visibility in analyst reports, handle competitive reports such as Waves and Magic Quadrants, and gain visibility with analysts who steer prospects’ buying decisions.

Run by Hazel Butters, who has worked with technology companies for twenty years, including global software houses such as IBM, Oracle, Adobe, and Siemens, alongside hundreds of startups, this half-day intensive workshop is designed to kickstart new AR plans, or reinvigorate AR strategies that are not producing intended results, positioning, or visibility.

During this intensive and practical workshop we will share insights, ideas, worksheets, resources and practical methods to uncover, connect, inform, and work with industry analysts.

You will learn…

  • How to uncover and find analysts relevant to your business and your prospects
  • The different types of industry analysts (and how it’s not all about the ‘leading four’)
  • BUT we’ll also share how to maximize your visibility, positioning, and differentiate with relevant analysts- including how to handle and manage submissions to competitive analyst reports – such as Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves.
  • How to measure and set metrics for AR programs
  • Key elements of a successful AR program
  • Resources for researching, tracking, and communicating with analysts (without breaking the bank)
  • Whether you should formally engage with analyst groups – and if so, how.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Product managers and marketers at B2B technology vendors that want to develop or enhance their AR programs
  • B2B tech startups keen to communicate with these key influencers and start an AR program

$397 per person. Includes training, worksheets, and resources

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This hands-on workshop will share practical and useful resources, advice, and content to help design, revive, or launch an AR program.


March 23: 9.30am- 3.30pm ET

The agenda will cover:

  • Setting metrics and creating the key elements of a successful analyst program
  • How to find industry analysts relevant to your business and your prospects
  • Communicating with analysts: Dos and don’ts
  • Ways to connect, speak with, and update analysts
  • Setting business metrics to justify your AR program
  • Helping your AR spokespeople


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