Using the phone in sales: Sales workshop in Cambridge, MA

Hazel Butters/ May 15, 2018/ Events, Sales, Using the phone to sell/ 0 comments

The most common pushback we hear from people who avoid the phone in sales is: “I don’t know what to say.” So we’re launching a series of one-day intensive workshops to help entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who dreads the thought of having a sales conversation on the phone.  This is a hands-on workshop where we will work with you to DRAFT content and then DRILL (practice it, in the safety of the workshop).

Click here for more details about our first workshop which we’re holding at the Cambridge Innovation Center, just outside Boston.

Areas we’ll be covering in this intensive one-day workshop include:
– Drafting phone scripts and outline conversations specific to your business
– Writing ways to start conversations with cold prospects
– Rehearse openers and phone calls so you can start to get comfortable with the phone
– Set goals to make more sales calls than you’ve ever made in the next 30 days

pick up the phone

Other locations – including Austin, London and San Francisco – following.  Want to get comfortable picking up the phone?  In or around Boston next week?  Join us – and make your fear of the phone a thing of the past.


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