Your vision (and why it’s important to your sales)

Hazel Butters/ March 2, 2019/ Sales

If you’re a founder, why did you create your business? What was your “a-ha” moment, or did you have a vision statement, “I want to create that,” “I want to change that,” or “I want to do that in a new way?”

The “why” is important because it’s the motivation behind and future direction of your business. It’s the fuel. You should be able to articulate this via your vision.

Your vision should:

–       Reflect your passion.

–       Be in line with your values.

–       Look into the future.

–       Be as specific as possible.

–       Reflect honestly on why your business or organization really exists

–       Talk about the people you want to serve.

–       Be something you can articulate — consistently — and share with other people.

–       Be slightly terrifying. It should stretch you and make you feel ever-so giddy when you think about completely owning it. That doesn’t mean that it needs to be the most complex idea to transform the whole of mankind; even changing one person’s life, work, business, thoughts or actions is transformative and has ripples.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners lose sight of their vision, which I hate to see. A loss of vision impacts both their motivation and momentum. Some entrepreneurs lose it because they never owned it in the first place — they never wrote it down, solidified it, don’t have it front and center, and they don’t own it. But in many cases entrepreneurs lose it over time, or because they are overwhelmed, tired and so focused on just running in the hamster wheel they’ve created in their business.

During our kick-off planning calls with 90 Day Brilliant Sales Challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners, we consistently find a lack of vision statements. There’s a level of discomfort for many startups in even having a vision statement, let alone verbalizing it and really living it.

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