The first rule of business is to stay in business.
To do that you need sales.

Logo splash. Prompt's client experience includes IBM, Oracle, Dell, Adobe, MIT, Thompson Reuters

We help B2B technology vendors and innovative startups to increase their sales. We do this via tailored, high-impact  marketing campaigns, industry analyst relations programs, win/loss analyses, and sales enablement tools such as sales playbooks and competitor battlecards.

Our experience includes working with Adobe, Dell, IBM, Oracle Corporation, MIT, Thomson Reuters, SAI Global, and hundreds of innovative startups.


Your marketing should drive your sales. We help our clients to: 

– Create a solid marketing plan to generate leads

– Consistently prospect and execute on their   marketing plan to create high-quality leads, nurture leads, and start sales conversations 

 – To have sales conversations with high-level decision makers 

Analyst Relations

Industry analysts educate and advise end users – potentially spending tens of thousands, or millions, of dollars – on IT strategies, vendor technologies, solutions, and applications. We design, launch, and manage AR programs to ensure our clients have a central analyst database, a detailed AR calendar, and scheduled analyst briefings and meetings.

Sales Enablement 

Do you have case studies?  Responses ready for RFP opportunities? Competitor battlecards? Sales playbooks? 

We help our clients to be ready for sales, so they have the right sales enablement tools at the right time.  So their sales teams have the information and resources at the right point in the sales cycle. 


Most of the experience that your customers, prospects, partners, shareholders and other key audiences have of your company comes to them through the written word.   

We help our clients create newsletters, blog posts, brochures, flyers, direct mail, how tos, white papers, customer case studies, press releases,  opinion articles and emails, to communicate the right information to the right audience.

What our clients say

colin-campbell, SAI Global

“We worked with Prompt on a range of sales enablement initiatives. Prompt’s engagement style & professionalism, deliverables and impact it made to our field sales team were immeasurable. The assets we now have in place, built by Prompt, are now the standard of output we will take forward into the business.”

– Colin Campbell, Global Head of Marketing, SAI Global

Paul Johns, Thomson Reuters

“Having worked in several high growth start ups I have employed Hazel and Prompt on a number of occasions. They can grasp and articulate complex products and industries and create a compelling proposition to stimulate audience interest. I would recommend Prompt to any company looking to increase reach, launch a new business or enter a new market.”

– Paul Johns, CMO Complinet (CA), Orchestria, Thomson Reuters

Mitch Rosenberg, KinderLab Robotics

“Prompt worked with us, and gave us valuable advice. The Prompt team has a strong process, works methodically, and delivers results. Prompt was instrumental in a wide variety of inquiries and sales. The results have been both prolific and business meaningful for us. We’ve gotten a lot of business because of our work with Prompt. We highly recommend Prompt – especially for young and fast growing startups. But also for any innovative companies.”

– Mitch Rosenberg, Co-Founder, KinderLab Robotics

Sham Sao, Virtual Computer, Citrix

“We were immediately impressed with Prompt’s ability to grasp and communicate complicated technology products and company offerings as well as their ability to interface with our executive team. Prompt delivered immediate high impact results.”

– Sham Sao, CMO, Virtual Computer/Citrix

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